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Pieces of the Reef

Pieces of the Reef™ are an assortment of hardy and easy-to-keep corals attached together on a cultured disc.  The inspiration for the Pieces of the Reef™ came from a trip to the Solomon Islands that Dr. Mac made to help the locals there set up a coral farm. Most have at least 4 (and often more) different corals and are allowed to heal and begin encrusting before being offered for sale.  No two Pieces of The Reef™ are exactly the same.
Add several Pieces of the Reef™ to any reef tank and you immediately and economically have entire sections of beautiful corals. They are fantastic for Nano reef tanks! Just add 3 or 4  to your Nano reef and you have a complete biotope ready immediately for your enjoyment with all the corals you need for a complete system!
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