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Golden Heart Trigger
Balistes punctatus

Golden Heart Trigger The Golden Heart Trigger fish is a very aggressive fish found around the waters of the west African coast. They are a beautiful fish that can be seen almost wedging themselves in the rock work of a tank most likely for security.

The Golden Heart Trigger is a very aggressive fish and should be kept with other aggressive fish and is not suitable for reef tanks. This fish is very hardy carnivore so provide a varied diet of meaty treats and you will have a happy tank inhabitant!.

Quick Stats

Territory of Golden Heart Trigger
Adult. Size:
24 inches


Tank Level:
Mid - Bottom level

Very Aggressive

Minimum Tank Size:
150 Gallon

Reef Rating:
Not Suitable for Reef Tanks

Meaty items such as finely chopped crustacean flesh, or any other meaty fare. Meaty frozen items such as mysid shrimp, brine shrimp or any other frozen preparation.




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