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Pieces of the Reef

Pieces of the Reef™ are an assortment of hardy and easy-to-keep corals attached together on a cultured disc, available exclusively from our indoor coral farm. This makes them less costly, hardier, and easier to keep than wild collected individual corals. The inspiration for the Pieces of the Reef™ came from a trip to the Solomon Islands that Dr. Mac made to help the locals there set up a coral farm. Most have at least 4 (and often more) different corals and are allowed to heal and begin encrusting before being offered for sale.  No two Pieces of The Reef™ are exactly the same.
Add several Pieces of the Reef™ to any reef tank and you immediately and economically have entire sections of beautiful corals. They are fantastic for Nano reef tanks! Just add 3 or 4  to your Nano reef and you have a complete biotope ready immediately for your enjoyment with all the corals you need for a complete system!

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