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How may Mycedium corals be distinguished from Oxypora? (5 pts)
Mycedium corallites angle outward, Oxypora are more random
Oxypora corallites angle outwards, Mycedium are more random
Oxypora corallites are smaller
Mycedium corallites are smaller
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Here you will find our huge selection of WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" frags for your reef aquarium. 
Photographs are taken under Giesemann T5 Fluroescent bulbs - Actinic Plus and Aqua Blue or LED's. Please call us if you would like the specific lighting used for any individual frag. White balance is custom set to either white tank sides or white sand beneath the livestock being photographed. 
All of these frags for saltwater reef aquariums are grown in house in our state licensed and certified aquaculture facility.   Frags are grouped based on general care types – SPS, LPS, and Soft Corals and Polyps
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