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Our Pick Assorted Euphyllia Special

(Item #EuphSpecial)

Our Pick Euphyllia(Required) :
   Our Pick Single Euphyllia Frag ($49.99)
   Our Pick Two Assorted Euphyllia Frag ($89.99)


We have LOTS of great Euphyllia frags available right now and we know it can sometimes be hard to choose!  If you like surprises, this deal is for you.  Our Pick of one, or two, great Euphyllia frags for your tanks.
You may receive frags of Torch, Hammer, or Frogspawn of various colors.  Due to the great price offered for this Our Pick special we are not able to honor requests for specific species or colors.  If you have specific varieties you are after we encourage you to check out our WYSIWYG selection! 

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