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Coral Colonies

At Pacific East Aquaculture we offer the very best in handpicked corals for sale. All of our Coral Colonies for sale that you see are WYSIWYG "What You See is What You Get" unless it is labeled as an "Our Pick" item. All our colonies on this page come to us directly from the collector, our partner Indo Elite Corals IEC. We do not buy from wholesalers, thus reducing handling, stress, and cost to you.
Generally photographs are taken in our facility under Giesemann T5 Fluroescent bulbs - Actinic Plus and Aqua Blue (actually a white bulb) with supplemental LEDs.  White balance is custom set to either white tank sides or white sand beneath the livestock being photographed. All photos are taken from the top-down. Because there are so many types and configurations of lighting that you might use on your tank, corals may look different in your tank. We also carry a large variety of Reef Aquarium Lighting and Reef Aquarium Supplies to meet all of your equipment needs.
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