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We sell only cultured clams because they are relatively easy to keep in captivity compared to wild collected clams. We are currently out of stock on clams. We are working to bring in our next shipment, but there are only a few of sources in the world for cultured clams. In the past we imported clams from the Cocos islands and Palau, but due to long travel times and poor packing techniques we experienced higher than acceptable mortality levels. In recent years we have regularly imported them very successfully from French Polynesia where years ago Dr. Mac helped set up their farm and met with the President of French Polynesia and the legislature to change the laws that now allow for the export of cultured clams. Seasonally the water temperature of the region where the cultured clams are raised gets very high and this can stress the clams making safe shipping impossible. As soon as it is safe to export the cultured clams we will have them available for sale, probably later in April.



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