reef brainiac
Activated carbon helps keep water clear and removes unwanted organics, but must be changed periodically to prevent what? (5 pts)
Growth of undesirable bacteria
All of the above

Australian Coral Colonies

Australia's reefs are home to many unique corals that are not found anywhere else in the world. The highly sought-after Acanthastrea lordhowensis corals are found there in every imaginable color. We import our Australian corals directly from our own collector in Queensland, they specialize in Acan lords, and we can therefore offer a huge variety at super low prices!  Add some dramatic color to your tank, add some Aussie corals today!!
Here is a tip, add some blue LED lights to your Reef Aquarium and watch the color in your Aussie corals absolutely glow!!!
Generally photographs will be taken under Giesemann T5 Fluroescent bulbs - Actinic Plus and Aqua Blue (actually a white bulb) or LED lighting. Please contact our staff for information on the exact lighting used.  White balance is custom set to either white tank sides or white sand beneath the livestock being photographed. All photos taken from the top-down.
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