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Alyssa's Captive Bred Hybrid Seahorse and Erectus Seahorse 4 Lot Special


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2 of our very popular Reidi x Erectus Hybrid Seahorses and 2 of our Beautiful Erectus Seahorses!
Our captive bred seahorses, are approximately 3-4 inches when they go home with you. You can expect the hybrids to reach 5-8+ inches and the Erectus will grow to 5-7+inches as they mature. Our captive bred seahorses are very active, hardy and have great personalities! 
Our seahorses are trained to eat Frozen Mysis shrimp. We feed our seahorses Hykari Mysis and Picene Energetics Mysis shrimp twice daily, either or both will work for you. Our seahorses are exclusively fed frozen Mysis shrimp when they are sold. Please make sure your aquarium has plenty of objects for your seahorses to hold onto. Seahorses are very social and do best when they are kept in pairs or groups. Check out our selection of live Gorgonians, Sponges and Macroalgaes as these make great "hitching posts" for Seahorses to hold onto. See more info on our Product Care Sheet.
We will try our best to select a male and female pair. These guys are fairly young and it can take up to a year or more to determine the final sex of a seahorse so we can not guarantee the sex. Email our seahorse breeder, Alyssa, at with any questions or give us a call at 877-887-5224. 

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